The End of Gay Porn: The Latest Crisis of Masculinity?

Paper delivered at Cine-Excess IX: Historical Trauma, Hysterical Texts. University of Brighton, Brighton, October 12th - 14th 2015

In a recent interview, George Duroy the founder of the phenomenally successful studio Bel Ami told readers that:

Gay porn was never dominated by gay models […] Gay porn should be more accurately called "all-male porn". […]Being gay is not taboo anymore, and I'd say at least thirty percent of city boys in the Central European region happily experiment with their sexuality. […]They simply mingle freely, going with their girlfriends to gay bars and fondling other boys in front of girls. And now tell me - what is their orientation?

Duroy's comments point to the prominence in recent years of the so-called 'Gay for Pay' phenomenon in gay porn that has led audiences, commentators and academics alike to begin to ask questions about what we mean when we describe ‘Gay Porn’. These discussions take place within a wider culture in which 'heteronormative' models of masculinity are increasingly problematized and in which discussion about a 'Post-gay' culture continues.

This paper, emerging from work for a monograph on gay porn and modern masculinities, discusses this web of factors and explores what gay porn might be able to tell us about modern manhood.

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