Journal Articles

The Secret History: Porn Archives, Personal Collections and British Universities

Routledge, Porn Studies, 1:4, 411-415, 2014

The Enigma of the Male Sex Symbol

Routledge, Celebrity Studies. Special Edition, J Mercer (ed) Sex and Celebrity, 4:1, 81-91, 2013

Coming of Age: Problematizing Gay Porn and the Eroticised Older Man

Routledge, The Journal of Gender Studies, 21:3, 312-326, 2012

Gay for Pay: Das Internet and die Okonomie des homosexuellen Begehrens

Schuren Verlag, Montage AV, 75-97, 2009

Deep in the Brig: The Myth of the Prison in Gay Pornography

Routledge, The Journal of Homosexuality, Vol.47, 3 and 4. 151-166, 2004

Prototypes: Repetition and the Construction of the Generic in Gay Pornography

Collected in Paragraph special issue, J Still (ed) Men’s Bodies, 280-290, 2003

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